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About Us

We are an international trader of pink Himalayan salt, based in India. Our salt is known for its mineral richness. We offer a variety of products including powder, granules, salt tiles, and salt lamps.

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We provide high-quality pink Himalayan salt products for various purposes.

cooked steamed fish on rice inside orange plastic bowl
cooked steamed fish on rice inside orange plastic bowl
Salt Tiles
Salt Lamps

Our salt tiles can be used for cooking, grilling, and serving, while our salt lamps create a soothing ambiance and purify the air.

Customer Reviews

I love the flavor and texture of the pink Himalayan salt. Highly recommended!

The salt tiles are perfect for cooking. They add a unique touch to my dishes.

The salt lamps create a calming atmosphere in my home. I can feel the difference in the air quality.

The pink Himalayan salt is my go-to choice for all my culinary needs. It's simply the best.

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